In an emergency, your dog depends on you to take the right actions, and make the right decisions.


Your dog squirms out the front door as you are headed to work.

Even though you are normally so careful,on this occasion your attention drifts for just a second.

In that moment, she slips from your grasp and ….


The car drives away, leaving your dog stranded in the median.   She is yelping and bleeding. Your heart is breaking.


Do you call the vet?  Try to move her from the road?  Something else?

Making the RIGHT choice in the critical moments after such a horrible event can be the difference between life and death.

And of course, it's not just road traffic we have to worry about. Your dog could:

- cut its paw on a piece of glass

- choke on a 'delicious' kiddies toy

- have a random seizure while curled up on the couch

- break its leg while out on a walk through the woods

And that's just a small selection of the unfortunate/tragic mishaps which potentially face our dogs every single day.

When you look at all the things that can go wrong, it's a wonder any of our pets stay alive, isn't it?


We prepare you to deal with the unthinkable.  Your fur-family depends on you knowing what to do when an emergency happens.  

During class, we will show you how to:

- Safely respond in an animal emergency

- Correctly perform choking procedures and CPR for your pooch

- Effectively control emergency bleeding

- Confidently interpret your animals behaviour to identify emergencies

- Prevent catastrophic animal emergencies

And more!

It's only one day of training, with two training options!  Full day, or half day depending on what you are looking for! And you get to bring your dog too!

You'll leave with the knowledge of how to save your dog when the worst happens...

...and best still, this is something you keep for life. So any new pets who join your family in the future will benefit too!

In class we demonstrate, and each practice performing treatments on a live animal.  Maneuvering around a living, breathing, squirming animal allows us to identify and overcome the challenges that a real emergency may throw at us.

Seating is limited to 10 people per class, so register early to avoid disappointment! 

Contact us to arrange a private course, or join our mailing list to see the most up-to-date course listings!


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